Contemporary Concrete Front Entrance

Concrete Steps and Landings Surrey

Wide front steps in modern home in surrey

Concrete Steps with Heat

Our most sought after concrete work is our architectural concrete finishes. We thought we would share this project since it was a bit different from the normal stairs and landings front door for a home. This project included steel piles and a heated slab.

After the planter walls were completed, we proceeded to build concrete pathways and landings. Soil testing indicated that the ground was soft and not trustworthy to build on without some type of support, therefore the engineer decided for steel piles. Steel piles were put at 6′ intervals to support the stairs and landing.

Decorative concrete steps construction in Surrey
Concrete Steps are being formed

The Concrete Stairs Pour

Simple But elegant

Insulation was used on these concrete stairs and landings since they were to be heated with a glycol in-slab heating system. Because they were to be supported at point loads above the piles, the concrete was thickened to 6 inches, transforming it into a structural slab design. Additionally, the stair risers are illuminated.
After the concrete had been poured, it was sandblasted. This popular treatment is referred to as a light sandblast architectural finish or architectural finish. Generally, a concrete architectural finish is a normal grey concrete colour.

Concrete Steps just poured in Surrey
Concrete Just poured

As you can see, this straightforward, clean, and attractive finish is a great match for modern style concrete projects. If you are constructing a new house or want to remodel an existing one, contact us now to discuss how we can assist you with your contemporary concrete projects.