Surrey Stamped Concrete

In-depth Look at Stamped Concrete

a finished stamped concrete patio with seating

Stamped Concrete patios

In this concrete job analysis, I’ll demonstrate our unique approach to the art of texturing stamped concrete. Each project is one-of-a-kind, and I mean one-of-a-kind, due to the variety of stamped concrete types available, including slate squares, rough stone, and random stones. Each project is customized to the owner’s specifications and is produced in specific to job dimensions, unlike typical stamped mats which can give partial pattern edges. As a result, no two stamp concrete projects are comparable.

Stamping newly placed concrete
texture Color Stamped Concrete just finished

Stamped concrete is formed by imprinting a texture or pattern on wet concrete. These images show the imprinting of a rough stone texture, which will then be saw-cut into a pattern. Stamped concrete is poured similarly to conventional concrete slabs, with an emphasis on selecting an appropriate texture for the pattern, which will be added later once the concrete has sufficiently cured.

Stamped Concrete patterns

Choosing a Pattern

As you can see, the homeowner chose a design that is a bit of a difficulty, but we like a good challenge. The pattern is called Opa Locka and it is composed of small and large squares in a repeating pattern.

Stamped Concrete saw cut concrete in surrey

We approach concrete colours in a few ways. The concrete plant’s standard colour addition, which creates a gorgeous monotone effect. We may also create a more realistic look with colour hardeners, which is normally more dazzling and it actually hardens the surface as well. With color hardner you may also add many hues to the concrete, which is useful if you are seeking to emulate the look of actual stone. As you can see from our photographs, we employ different hues to generate the appropriate effects.

Finished Stamped Concrete with decorative saw cuts
Finished stamped concrete patio with saw cut designs

These images demonstrate the final effect of saw cutting the imprinted concrete. The grouting lends realism to the stamped concrete, and the range of tints provides visual interest. Unlike many other designs, our unique texture stamped concrete leaves the surface beautifully textured and homogeneous across the slab.

Stamped Concrete with chalk lines about to be cut
Stamped Concrete close up

Stamped Concrete Grouting

The seven-color surface of this patio creates an ultra-realistic natural rock look. It’s a little busy color wise before to being sawed. When the saw cut design is completed and grouted, it seems to be a collection of multicoloured natural rock slabs, providing an aesthetically pleasing surface. Additionally, the images show the concrete being grouted after the saw incisions. The owner chose an ashlar slate pattern, which was measured and installed to fit the patio perfectly.

Grouting stamped concrete in Surrey
Grouted Stamped concrete patio

Sealed Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete being sealed

Sealing decorative concrete is important considering it not only enhances the colour but also prevents it from stains. There are various benefits and disadvantages to concrete sealing concrete, with the advantages clearly outweighing the drawbacks.  One disadvantage of Sealing stamp concrete is that it will make the surface slippery and potentially hazardous when the inclination is more than 5%. By sweeping sand lightly over the newly sealed concrete, the polish is reduced and the sealant is somewhat profiled allowing more grip when walking.

Stamped Concrete patio newly sealed
Acid stained Stamped Concrete

Acid Stained Stamped Concrete Patios

This is Spectacular color is achieved through acid staining. Acid staining comes in many colors but all in the brown, Rust kind of look. When you texture concrete and apply the stain you get an amazing looking surface with many shades of the main color. 

Freshly stamped concrete patio with 1 foot borders
Newly poured stamped concrete

A rough stone texture was utilized to provide a rustic appearance and feel for this stamped concrete driveway. We thought it would be an excellent option due to the steep elevation.
The driveway was separated into three sections of three feet each; anything beyond that would interfere with the light washed component running through the driveway.

Brown Stamped Concrete Driveway with a border
Stamped Concrete Driveway in Surrey