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A leading Surrey Company in architectural concrete, we take great pride in our ability to differentiate ourselves from competition. 

    Our specialty is architectural concrete work, which includes elegant concrete driveways, Stamped patios, retaining walls, and concrete steps.

Architectural Concrete Walls

There are multiple types of concrete walls; retaining walls, house foundation walls, planter walls and architectural walls. As concrete professionals, our team is highly skilled, in the preparation, construction and pouring concrete walls. Concrete wall construction always begins with excavation and construction for concrete footings, a solid foundation for walls to be constructed on adding both stability and structural integrity. When architectural concrete walls are requested, we use higher quality material ensuring a paper smooth finish, this is the most common finish. Architectural walls can also have different finishes and patterns like light sandblast, board plank (Wood pattern), chamfered edges with rustifications. There are no walls too small, large or complicated for our highly skilled staff.

Concrete Break and Removal

Often, the first step of a new concrete project is the demolition and removal of old concrete buildings. Frequently, an old driveway, patio, or walkway must be removed prior to installing new concrete. We handle the whole process, from breaking and removing concrete to properly disposing of it in an ecologically and economically responsible manner for you, the client. Price of demolition and removal is based on concrete thickness and amount of rebar.

Concrete Stairs Surrey

Forming Excellence

Concrete steps can be the most decorative or main concrete feature of your property. As concrete professionals we can bring any custom design to life. Some of these include; Structural concrete stairs, floating concrete steps, concrete steps with nosings and concrete steps with lights. Most commonly concrete steps are used for access to your front or back door, however, we can install concrete steps for other applications. Along extremely sloped driveways, to compensate for high grade change alongside buildings, to access elevated patios. Concrete steps also come in wide variety of finishes, some of these include; broom finish (for grip), smooth finish, textured, and a light architectural wash.

Concrete Driveways Surrey

Decorative Driveways

In residential concrete construction, driveways are the most commonly poured concrete component. Concrete driveways come in a number of surface styles, including stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, broom finish, float finish, acid stain, and light architectural washes. If you want some greenery in your driveway, we can create dividers for later installation of grass or loose stones, which is a popular choice in Surrey. Driveways are a substantial investment in the hardscape of your outside, and having a visually beautiful driveway is well worth the expense.

Surrey Concrete Driveway

Decorative Concrete Patios

Decorative concrete, such as architectural light washes, the California broom finish, and, of course, stamped concrete, are often used to dress up concrete patios. Multi-color texture stamped concrete is the most popular decorative concrete finish. A variety of textures and colours may be applied to the surface by stamping it with rubber mats to create Italian slate or rough stone. After that, we’ll create a cut pattern and, in certain instances, grout it to give it a more realistic appearance.

black stamped concrete patio in surrey

Stamped Concrete and Numerous Other Projects are detailed on our projects page. For further information, click the icon.

Detailed photographs with information of the process of this and other works from start to end.

Concrete Repairs

Repair vs Removal

Do You Repair the concrete or replace the concrete ? That is a frequently heard question. Generally speaking, we do not repair driveways or other flat work. We are often able to restore stairs, curbs, and walls. Due to the incredibly high cost of replacing structural concrete, repair is nearly always preferable than removal.

Beautiful Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete patios, walkways, and driveways are made by imprinting patterns and textures into wet concrete. There is a broad choice of designs and colours to pick from, assuring that each project is unique. Stamped concrete is our most popular decorative concrete finish. The pricing is depending on the size, style, and design. The most inexpensive method is no colour and have larger textured surfaces  , while the most costly employ many shades, borders, muti-lpatterns, and might have grouting for maximum realism. All approaches are customized to an individuals taste and budget, with no wrong or rights.

Surrey Concrete Services

Acid Etched

A light profile is typically produced on a smooth surface for aesthetic and traction.

Acid Staining

Different coloured acid stains are applied to colourize the concrete surface. Customers seeking a red, brown, tan, or mahogany hue will almost certainly be pleased with this kind of colouring.

Broom Finish Concrete

Externally finished Concrete , this is one of the most common treatments. A light brush is used as the last finishing step on air entrained concrete.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops are poured on-site and come in a variety of colours. After seeding the surfaces with aggregate, the countertops may be ground. For further protection, a penetrating sealer may be applied.

Concrete Removal

To create way for the new, the old concrete must be removed. We break concrete and remove concrete driveways, patios, and a variety of other concrete items. We have the necessary demolition equipment for the task.

Concrete Repair

Occasionally, concrete may be restored. Expensive structural concrete and walls are excellent choices. Generally, smooth surfaces and driveways are not. Let us determine which solution is the best.

Surrey Concrete
Concrete Stairs with landing to front entrance

Concrete Sealing

We utilise the appropriate sealant for concrete constructions. Acrylic sealers are the most common kind, followed by penetrating sealers. Driveways, patios, walkways, and stairwells can all benefit from concrete sealing treatment.

Excavation Service

Concrete is our speciality yet if you just need Excavation no problem give us a call. We provide smaller equipment for the restricted access jobs.

Garage pads

Includes excavation, gravel foundation preparation, formwork, rebar installation, and concrete placement and finishing. When heated slabs are required, insulating installation is essential. A power trowel finish is available when you want the floor very smooth.

Grinding Concrete

Concrete grinding is achieved using different grit grinding discs. Countertops using this approach are a popular finish. Additionally, we grind walls and smaller flatwork projects.


Build it, and then we can maintain it. Full landscaping services are available with or without our concrete services.

Landscape Design

Our relationships with outstanding designers and architects in the area and in other locations enables us to deliver landscape design services are affordable prices.

Mini Excavators

The small excavators are great where bigger excavators do not fit. So if you do not enjoy hand digging give us a call.

Surrey Patio

Pool Decks

Decorative concrete or architectural concrete textures are often used to enhance concrete pool decks.

Stamped Concrete

This process in gone in to great detail on our project profile pages. Many options including colors and patterns.

Structural Concrete

Concrete structural slabs, including shoring engineering for concrete structural slabs. Additionally, the installation of rebar and the placement and pouring of concrete are all in house. 


Trenching, Gas and electrical lines are typically needed to go under concrete, and we may excavate and backfill to accelerate the operation. Whether you need concrete or not, you may get our expertise with your trenching and excavation needs as well.

Concrete Borders along a black patterned walkway


Concrete walls are one of the most generally requested services. Walls vary in a wide spectrum of heights, widths, and architectural components. We are able to dig . form, place and finish, build the correct drainage system and backfill.

Surrey Concrete Constructors

Stairs in Surrey

We are continuously attempting to give the highest-quality projects on time and within budget. We offer concrete contracting services to the residential and commercial sectors. Whether you’re constructing a new house or renovating an existing one, give us a call today to work with Surrey’s finest concrete contractors.